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Mortgage Payoff Fundraiser, $33K Match Challenge

$33,000 Match Challenge!

Mortgage Pay-off Fundraiser

The St. Kevork Parish Council is delighted to announce an incredible gift from Kevork and Rita Parseghian to help pay off the mortgage balance on the St. Kevork Apostolic Church!

The Parseghians have generously offered to match up to $33,000 in donations made to pay the balance of the mortgage on St. Kevork Church.

The mortgage balance is approximately $66,000

The initial purchase of Saint Kevork Church was a true display of the Armenian spirit and a testament to the power of community as Armenians from all over Oregon and Washington rallied together to fundraise for the building. The second round of fundraising occurred in 2019 to pay down the loan of the building during the 10-year anniversary of the church and we got very close. Today, with your help, we can pay off the mortgage once and for all, and secure St. Kevork's financial future!

In appreciation of your support, we are pleased to offer the following with your gift:

$250 - Silver cross

$500 - Gold plated cross

$1000 - Dinner with parish council on us!

Please donate today!

Our goal is to raise $33,000 by Vartavar on July 24, 2022!

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