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Ladies’ Society of St. Kevork Church of Portland

Mission Statement:

The Ladies’ Society of St. Kevork Church of Portland strives to model Christ by demonstrating humility and servanthood. It is dedicated to serving our church and parishioners by organizing religious and cultural events, in order to keep alive religious and Armenian cultural traditions, provide opportunities for fellowship among parishioners, attract new members, and support the Parish Council financially through fundraisers and luncheons.

The Ladies Society is the cultural backbone of the St. Kevork parish. The Ladies Society puts on a host of community events throughout the year, such as a Christmas Party, Costume party for the children, and also the countless traditional Armenian meals provided after Badarak Service.  For more information, please email us at

The Ladies’ Society of St. Kevork Church of Portland was formed in 2008 and it has been serving the church community since then by organizing various events and luncheons.
In 2016, the present board took over the leadership of the Ladies’ Society and it expanded the scope of its activities. During this period the Ladies’ Society flourished and the number of the members almost doubled from 11 to 20 members. The hard work of our ladies and their delicious homemade meals have attracted more members to our church.
During the past three years, this amazing team developed and enhanced its ability to work together in love, peace and harmony. This team also established best practices to conduct the business of the Ladies’ Society thus ensuring consistency and continuity of its activities.
The Ladies’ Society organizes seven major luncheons for the following feasts and holidays: Armenian Christmas, Michink, Easter, Vartavar picnic, Assumption of Mary, St. Kevork Day and Thanksgiving Day. All the food served during these events is donated by the members of the Ladies’ Society.

Additionally, the Ladies’ Society organizes activities for Fathers’ Day, such as bowling, hiking etc. The ladies also visit the elders and the sick parishioners of St. Kevork Church in order to provide comfort and companionship to them. During major holidays they decorate the church hall according to the theme of the holiday. They also make and sell decorations and boxed cookies for fundraising purposes.

Lately, the Ladies’ Society has started to organize special cookouts at the church during which the ladies spend time together preparing traditional Armenian food and later serve it to the parishioners.

Every Sunday, a lady from the Ladies’ Society is “on-duty,” and is responsible for setting the table and providing food that is donated by her. There are guidelines for this provided by the Ladies’ Society to avoid individual ladies being burdened with providing several different dishes to parishioners on any given Sunday. The “on-duty” Ladies’ Society member is also responsible for cleaning and washing the dishes afterwards.

The Ladies’ Society of St. Kevork plays an important role in the progress of the church; it provides fellowship opportunities to the parishioners and provides significant financial support to the Parish Council and other church projects.

Board members of Ladies’ Society:


  • Chairlady: Susanna Nor-Ashakarian

  • Treasurer: Jane Geokjian

  • Secretary: Larissa Prindzian


Members of Ladies’ Society:


Gayane Minasian, Anahit Kundubegian, Victoria Kalan, Nara Kalan, Milena Sharyan, Nelli Abramova, Marisol Demirjian, Margarita Petrosyan, Ani Ranian, Elizabeth Isaverdian, Elina Abramova, Valentina Abramova, Zarouhi Otchi, Yebraksi Kouzoukian, Gohar Sakoyan, Tsovinar Kitabszyan, Karine Eksouzyan, Zovinar Gazarian

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