Hovhannes Tumanyan Armenian Language School

The Armenian Language School of Oregon was founded in 1987 by a devoted community member, Diana Petrosian, and is named after one of our famous Armenian writers, Hovhannes Tumanyan.  The mission of the school is for our students to master basic knowledge of the Armenian language, literature, history, culture, and have a sense of identity and pride in their Armenian heritage. We serve students ages 4 to 16, from Armenian language grade levels kindergarten to 6th grade. The curriculum we use is called Mayreni Lezu, published in Armenia. It is the uniform curriculum used in all 18 Western Diocese Language Schools.
The language classes are held every Sunday from 9:30 am  to 12:00 pm.  Our students start their Sunday morning by a spiritual teaching by our priest, Der Mashdots. We usually have three school programs per year:  Christmas Pragram, April 24th Commemoration, and End of the Year Handes.  We also organize fieldtrips and other fun activities to promote socialization of our students and families outside of school. We are thankful to our community members who support the school by their donations and by volunteering their time.  We could not do this work without the support of our generous community members.   
Currently we are in need of teachers.  We are growing as a school and with that growth we have an increased demand of qualified teachers. If you are an individual who has a passion for teaching Armenian and are patient with kids, parents, and have strong communication and collaboration skills, then please contact either our school board members or our priest, Der Mashdots.


School Board Members:

  • Anahit Kundebegian – Chairperson (503) 318-6464

  • Valia Eskandarian - Treasurer

  • Susanna Nor-Ashkharian – Secretary

  • Mary Hacopian – Activities Coordinator

School Staff:

  • Nara Kalan – Armenian Language, 5th grade

  • Gohar Martirosyan – Armenian Language, 2nd grade (advanced)

  • Anita Voskanyan Semerjian – Armenian Language, 2nd grade

  • Hermineh Abrahamyan – Armenian Language, 1st grade (advanced)

  • Tanya Eskandari – Armenian Language, 1st grade

  • Zella Cherchian – Armenian Language, Kindergarten

  • Father Mashdots Keshishian - Religion

  • Margarit Petrosyan – Arts & Crafts